This app is used when you connect a counter to a digital input. With it's help you can react to the signals send form the counter unit and evaluate them. For example, you can record a power consumption in kW, set various value limits and react to them later in scenes.

The Counter ist located under “all apps” – “Counter”.

The minimum pulse length for a counter connected to a digital module is 100ms. For faster counters, please use the input located on the cpu module.


To use a counter in combination with the corresponding app, you will have to connect it to a digital input of your evon Smart Home (DI1 - DI4 on the CPU or 'evon Smart Home Digital 1180' or 'evon Smart Home Digital 1344'). Then follow these steps:

If you find not create a counter in your evon Smart Home system yet, you have to convert a digital input into one.

Navigate to te digital inputs in 'All Apps' - 'Digital Inputs', select the desired input and open the ParameterPanel.

In the settings for mode, choose 'Counter'. The digital input will now be converted into a Counter an will be listed in the Counter app.


Every Counter allow you to change certain settings, which determine what will be counted (e.g. kWh) and what limits exists.

Pulse value
Choose the significance of the impulse which gets received by the counter. The necessary settings for this are usually listed on the counter device.

If this option is activated, only falling edges will be counted instead of rising edges.

Hides this counter from the visualization.

Changes the color of the visible graphs.

Edit count
Here, you can set the current count to a desired value

Show statistics
Choose the graph/chart, which will be displayed in the OperatorPanel.

You can choose various limits (and according delays) here, which you can then link in scenes. Linkable values are: 'current consumption - upper limit', 'current consumption - lower limit' and 'daily consumption - limit'.

With this setting you can convert/revert a counter to a digital input or switch


Once a Counter has been created, you can add additional visual panels. Those grant you an overview about the evaluated values.

To add such a panel, use the button "add panel".

In the popup which will appear, you can choose between several graphs/charts. To do so, you have to select the corresponding Counter under 'choose counter' and then one of the desired charts.

The OperatorPanel gives you an overview about the measured values. The following sections exist:

Gives you information about the total, daily and current consumption. In addition, you can also reset the counter.

The graphs/charts which you can activate in the ParamterPanel will be shown here. The statistics which are shown here can also be reset with the corresponding button.


Der Zähler bietet folgende Auslöser für evon Smart Home Szenen (Wenn...):

  • Grenzwert Gesamtverbrauch überschritten: Der Grenzwerte für den Gesamtverbrauch wurde überschritten
  • Grenzwert Tagesverbrauch überschritten: Der Grenzwert für den Tagesverbrauch wurde überschritten
  • Oberer Grenzwert aktueller Verbrauch überschritten: Der obere Grenzwert für den aktuellen Verbrauch wurde überschritten
  • Unterer Grenzwert aktueller Verbrauch unterschritten: Der untere Grenzwert für den aktuellen Verbrauch wurde unterschritten

Der Zähler bietet folgende Funktionen für evon Smart Home Szenen (Dann...):

  • Gesamtverbrauch zurücksetzen: Der Gesamtverbrauchszähler wird zurückgesetzt
  • Tagesverbrauch zurücksetzen: Der Tagesverbrauch wird zurückgesetzt