Analog Output

An analog output outputs voltages in the range 0-10V. To do this, enter a value in your defined area and this will be output as a voltage between 0-10V.

The analog outputs can be found under “all apps” –“analog output”.


The calculated value is in the range between the minimum and maximum. This means that if 10V are meant to be present on the module output, then the value must be set to the defined maximum value (100%).

Number of decimal places
Defines the number of decimal places for the calculation.

Define here what you wish to control with this analog output (e.g. speed: %)

Stored value upon bus error
If the control were to fail, the last value would be stored if you have activated this option. If you did not activate this option, the value present when the control failed will be lost.


Der Analoge Ausgang bietet folgende Funktionen für evon Smart Home Szenen (Dann...):

  • Wert schreiben: Ein frei definierbarer Wert kann auf den analogen Ausgang geschrieben werden
Data Description

Raw value
The raw value is the voltage 0-10 V that is present (set) on the output of the module.

Raw value (phys.)
This is the digital value sent to the module.

This is the scaled value that has been converted to the defined range between minimum and maximum, with the defined number of decimal places and the defined dimension.

Setting Values

There are two different possibilities to set a value to the analog output. Either you set the value via the operator panel for the analog output, or you select the analog output in a scene for the “if …” statement and then select “write value”. Then you can change the value by clicking on the pencil.