This display offers you various information and settings possibilities for the selected element and is divided into several sections. On the top right are small buttons that let you jump into other areas. The first section contains the most important operating elements via which you can operate the selected element and, depending on the app, various items of basic information.

The second section contains the settings that you can change for that element. These allow you to change the behaviour of individual element to suit your needs.

This section shows you al the links for your element. This gives you an overview, should you desire it, of which switches or functions affect the element. You can also link the element with other elements, depending on the app. For example, in the app “lights”, you have the possibility to link a light with a motion sensor.

In the settings view, most of the apps have a button on the top right allowing you to access the official documentation.

Please note that the settings possibilities vary from app to app and therefore not all sections are available for all apps.