This option is available when an 'evon Smart Home Blind 1344' (Schlotterer RETROLux) module is used. It allows to change the operation mode from 'standard blind' to 'without working position' or 'with working position'. In this case, 'working position' refers to a blind with a mechanical working position.

With working position
This mode is meant for use with the Schlotterer RETROLux venetian blind, which has a mechanical working position. It allows you to change the slat position with a short button press and to switch between 'closed' and 'working position'. In this mode, the slats can only be adjusted to a certain limit, which is caused by the underlying mechanical construction of these blinds.

Without working position
Choose this mode if you own a Schlotterer RETROLux venetian blind, which does not not have a working position. This mode grants you the ability to simulate a working position.

Type lets you select whether the blind is a jalousie, a rolling shutter or a window (windows will be dealt with in an extra chapter). The jalousie has a position, an angle of the slats and a turnaround time, all of which must be considered in the calculation. A rolling shutter does not have an angle.

Vertical jalousie
If you have a jalousie that opens and closes vertically, then you can configure it here. If this is activated, you are then presented with a further option defining the direction you wish the jalousie to open.

Remove from universal scene
A universal scene could be “open all blinds”. However, if you want this shading element to be excepted from this universal scene, then activate this option.

Remove from wind-lock
If you do not want this blind to open in strong wind, then activate this option. If this option is not visible, then activate the wind-lock in the settings “all-apps – settings – shading”.

Lock blind
Use this option to lock a blind, which means that the shading position can no longer be changed via the app or the button.

Close at dusk
If you want the shade to close at dusk, then activate this option.

If you have a module that has reserve connections, i.e. blinds are not connected to every output, then these elements are still displayed. The reserve function allows you to hide unused shading elements in the app. If you wish to see these unused elements, activate them in the corresponding module in the hardware section.

Extended parameter
If you use the 'evon Smart Home Blind 1344' module in combination with a Schlotterer venetian blind (and select the correct operation mode) additional options will be available to you here.

Those refer to the varied motion times, which are specific to Schlotterer blinds, like working position/snapping times. This settings are pre configured for optimal operation. In case you encounter any problems when switching between positions (working mode/closed) please contact your evon Smart Home partner, who can adjust those settings for you.