Each Detector allows you to configure the triggered alarms. Here you will find the description about all available options.

This are pre configured settings for different use cases. Each one comes with a predefined notification text, settings and specific icon.

Alarm after
Defines the timespan for which a signal has to be active on the digital input to trigger an alarm.

Here you can choose to receive a notification once an alarm gets triggered.

Notification text
Set the text you want to see in the notification.

Alarm must be acknowledged
If this option is active, an active alarm has to be manually terminated instead of ending once the input signal stops.

Reserve (hide in visualization)
Once active, the Detector will be hidden in the visualization.

Defines which image should be used for this Detector.

Alarm Output
You can choose a digital output, which will be triggered in case of an alarm, here.

Here, the Digital Input which is used for this Detector can be switched back to another mode.

Simulation on
Activates the simulation and allows you to set a value via the setting 'Simulation Value'. Attention: If the simulation is active, real values are ignored!

Simulation Value
Change the simulated value with this setting.