The app allows you to configure the evon Smart Home uLux switch.

The uLux app is located under “all apps” – “uLux”.

Important: To integrate the uLux switch into evon Smart Home, the required uLux design-template must be present on it. In delivery state, all evon Smart Home uLux switches already contain this template. Further configuration with the uLux software is not required.


To create a new uLux room, click on the add symbol, after which a search for uLux switches in your network is started. If the switch is not immediately found, you can just restart the search. Once the uLux is found, you just have to select it to add it to your system.


After the uLux switch has been found, you only need to add a name, a room and an IP-address.

Here, you can change the network address of your uLux switch.

If you edit this settings, you will have to press the button 'write configuration' to transfer them to your uLux switch. The switch will then restart and boot up with your new configuration after some seconds.


The uLux switch works like a room control. This makes it easy to add all elements from a room (lights, blinds, heating, scenes) to it.

Just add a name and room to your uLux switch and once you finish the configuration every element from this room will automatically be displayed on the switch.

If an uLux extension module is connected, your can find all measured values in the 'extension' section. Those values can also be linked in the Logic app.


Der u::Lux Schalter bietet folgende Auslöser für evon Smart Home Szenen (Wenn...):

  • Bewegung erkannt (Erweiterungsmodul): Am u::Lux wurde eine Bewegung erkannt (Nur mit Erweiterungsmodul möglich).