Every Counter allow you to change certain settings, which determine what will be counted (e.g. kWh) and what limits exists.

Pulse value
Choose the significance of the impulse which gets received by the counter. The necessary settings for this are usually listed on the counter device.

If this option is activated, only falling edges will be counted instead of rising edges.

Hides this counter from the visualization.

Changes the color of the visible graphs.

Edit count
Here, you can set the current count to a desired value

Show statistics
Choose the graph/chart, which will be displayed in the OperatorPanel.

You can choose various limits (and according delays) here, which you can then link in scenes. Linkable values are: 'current consumption - upper limit', 'current consumption - lower limit' and 'daily consumption - limit'.

With this setting you can convert/revert a counter to a digital input or switch