The app “timer” lets you define a countdown that, once the defined time has expired, can invoke a scene. You can also allocate a signal light to this timer that signals when the time has expired.


To adjust the time, click on the currently defined timer for this timer in the operator panel under “operation” and change it as you require.

The button “start” is used to start the timer and “reset” to reset the start time. The button “pause” stops the timer and you can continue the timer by pressing “start”.

Using With A Scene

In order to be able to use this timer with a scene, it must have a name. Then you can select the trigger “time expired” in the scene under “IF” and the appropriate action to be carried out when the timer has expired. You can also use the timer in the scene for the “THEN”. This lets you start, stop or reset a timer via a scene.


Once you have allocated this timer a name and optionally a room, you can begin with the configuration.

You can add as many lights as you want in the item “signal light” using the button “add”. These lights are intended to flash on and off and the number of flashes can be set via the option “number of flashes”. The duration of each flash can be set via the “duration of signal flash”.