Temperature Control

To control temperature, you will need the evon Smart Home single room modules C1144 or C1244. Module C1144 is controlled by the evon Smart Home room operating panel and module C1244 via PT1000 sensors, or from an external demand value (for example from an analog input).

Four control valves and 4 room operating panels can be connected to the evon Smart Home single room control module C1144 and C1244, whereby this corresponds to 4 separate room control zones. Each output can be connected to as many valve drives in parallel as you wish; it is only limited by the load on the relay output. This is useful if you have to install several heating circuits in a room because of the heating pipe lengths and the room is to remain a single zone with a constant temperature distribution.

You still need temperature sensors in the rooms with module C1144 so that the controller can modify the temperature as required. Temperature sensors are already integrated into our room operating panels C1101, C1102, C1103 and C1104. When fully equipped, in addition to room temperature measurement, the models C1101 to C1104 also have other functions such as demand temperature selection, mode selector (comfort, energy-saving, frost protection) and presence button (raise/lower temperature when activated).

In contrast to module C1144, the temperature demand value and mode cannot be changed with module C1244, this is only possible via the App, since only a PT1000 temperature sensor can be connected to the input of module C1244.

Naturally, we also want to control the climate in the bedroom. There is a heating circuit in the bedroom. We select the room-operating panel C1103 (temperature sensor, demand value, mode setting and presence button), the choice is yours.

We need an evon Smart Home single room module C1144 for the heating circuit, whereby the valve requires an output leaving three outputs free.