Digital Input

You can use a digital input for functions not provided by any evon Smart Home function module. You can name each digital input and simulate then for test purposes.

You can find the app “digital inputs” under “all apps” – “digital inputs”.


If you have a digital input in your system that you are not using, you can activate the option “reserve (hide in visualization) to hide this digital input in the app “digital inputs”. (To unhide this, the digital input can be found in the hardware app)

If you wish to change the mode, i.e. convert a digital input into a button or a movement detector, this can be done in the parameter panel for the digital input under “mode”.


If you have connected a digital input to a scene and would like to test the scene, you do not have to navigate to the digital input and activate it every time, you can change it directly via simulation. To do this, activate “simulation on” in the operator panel to see the option “simulation value” with which you can change the state. Warning, once the simulation has been activated, the autonomous function will no longer work! Any changes in the state of the input “hardware” will be overwritten by the simulation.


You can also use a digital input for a scene (in as far as it has been named). Select the digital input in the scene’s “IF ….” and decide whether you want the scene to be carried out on the rising or falling edge.

Rising edge
The electrical contact of the digital input has been closed.

Falling edge
The electrical contact of the digital input has been opened.