Control Cabinet

Once you have decided the number of evon Smart Home modules, relays and pushbuttons and have also fixed how you wish to distribute them in the cabinet(s), you can dimension the consumer unit. Basically, you can install evon Smart Home in any standard consumer unit due to the standard rail mounting with 45mm plate.

All lights, blinds and other loads, all switches, window contacts and sensors are wired into the appropriate consumer unit. For the switches, we recommend the use of multi-core communication cable (F-YAY) or CAT5 cable. Clearly arrange them, optimally on LSA plus strip (see template connection strip).

Do not forget to leave space for the power supply, bus extension and bus terminator. Once everything has been installed, 20-30% of the space in the consumer unit should be free for future extensions.

In our bedroom example, we have planned a sub-consumer unit for the modules on the first floor.

The total space requirements for the sub-consumer unit on the first floor results from: 176mm in the first row and 132mm in the second row – including bus extension for row extension and bus terminator.

First row:

  • 0x power supply: power is supplied from the main consumer unit
  • 1x evon Smart Home bus extension: 22mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home blind module B1144: 44mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home lighting module B1233: 44mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home dimmer module L1424: 44mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home bus extension: 22mm (to new row)

Second row:

  • 1x evon Smart Home bus extension (new row)
  • 1x evon Smart Home single room control module C1144: 44mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home digital module D1180: 44mm
  • 1x evon Smart Home bus terminator: 22mm

We need additional space for several circuit breakers and for a suitable LSA Plus strip to connect the pushbuttons (4x 24V supply, 13x pushbutton inputs).