Rights are used to limit what a user in this group is allowed to do in your evon Smart Home.

This level of rights gives the user full access to all possibilities in the system. All the following rights are deactivated, since they are all included in the admin rights.

Change parameter
Users in this group are allowed to change parameters, i.e. all settings accessible via the parameter symbol.

Manage settings
The user can open the settings (all apps – settings) and make changes. Exceptions are the user settings.

Manage home screen
The user can change the start page of the app, in other words, they can set favourites and move elements. See also “own home screen”.

Add object
The user can add new objects to the system, for example a new surveillance camera, a new Denon system, etc.

Edit logic
The user can create and edit logic elements.

Edit scenes
The user can create and edit scenes; otherwise scenes can only be executed.

Edit area
The user can create and edit areas.

Execute universal scene
The user can execute universal scenes such as close all blinds, switch on all lights, etc.

See all apps
The user can open all apps, otherwise they only have the possibility to open apps that are on the home screen.

See notifications
Notifications are displayed for the user (such as wind, alarm system, etc.).