Alarm System

The app “alarm system” lets you create a personal alarm system for your evon Smart Home. The alarm system is divided into a central alarm system and one or more alarm groups. Alarm groups divide the alarm system into several areas.

The app “alarm system” is located under “all apps” – “alarm system”.


Duration of silent alarm
Enter the time for silent alarm here.

Automatically deactivate alarm after
Automatically deactivates the alarm after expiration of this time. This is important if you are holiday and something triggers the alarm. If this option was not available, the alarm would never switch off and your neighbours would not be too pleased with you.

Duration of patrol
This is the time the alarm should be deactivated for while you make a patrol.

Button to activate the alarm system
Select a button to activate the alarm system.

Button to deactivate the alarm system
Use the button “add” to select a button to deactivate the alarm system. Warning! This button can deactivate the alarm system without a password. Consider the use of such a button carefully.

Button to start patrol
Select a button to let you start a patrol.

Button to end patrol
Select a button to tell the system you have completed your patrol.

Status light
Select a light that will flash twice when the alarm system has been activated and once when deactivated.

Actions when alarm triggers
Use the button “add” to select all the actions you wish to happen when an alarm is triggered (e.g. switch lights on, activate siren, etc.).

Actions when alarm stops
Select what should happen when the alarm is deactivated. Caution! Do not forget to deactivate the actions started when the alarm was triggered.

Change password
Change the password to deactivate your alarm system.


The initial password for the Alarm System is set to "1234".

It is highly recommended to change it on initial setup. You can find the related options in the SettingsPanel (See section configuration).

If the alarm system or one or more alarm groups have been activated, the defined activation delay for each alarm group must first expire before the alarm can be triggered. Once the activation delay has expired, if a movement detector is triggered then a trigger delay is activated. During this time, the alarm system can be de-activated without an alarm being triggered. Once the trigger delay has expired, the silent alarm is triggered and a notification is sent. Once the silent alarm time has expired, the actual alarm is triggered and a further notification is sent and the outputs linked to the alarm system are switched.

Activation time is necessary for the following situation: you want to leave the house and activate the alarm before you go. To make sure that you do not inadvertently trigger the alarm yourself, you need the activation delay.

If you want to activate the alarm system, you can either do this via the app by opening the alarm system (“all apps” –“alarm system”) and select the button “activate” in the operator panel for the alarm system, or you define a button to activate the alarm and you use this button (how you do this is described in the chapter configuration). Deactivating the alarm is done the same way via the app, only that you have to enter a password. Deactivation via a button works identically to activation.

You can also find a history of past events in the OperatorPanel of the alarm system which gives you detailed records about the dates and times when it got triggered, activated or deactivated.

Warning, since the alarm system can be deactivated without a password using a button, you need to select a button that is not immediately visible!


Das Alarmsystem bietet folgende Auslöser für evon Smart Home Szenen (Wenn...):

  • Alarm wurde ausgelöst: Der Alarm wurde durch einen konfigurierten Auslöser aktiviert
  • Alarm wurde gestoppt: Der Alarm wurde gestoppt
  • Alarm wurde still ausgelöst: Der stille Alarm wurde ausgelöst
  • Alarmsystem ist aktiviert: Das Alarmsystem wurde aktiviert
  • Alarmsystem wurde deaktiviert: Das Alarmsystem wurde deaktiviert

Das Alarmsystem bietet folgende Funktionen für evon Smart Home Szenen (Dann...):

  • Aktivieren: Das Alarmsystem wird aktiviert (Achtung: die Alarmgruppe muss zusätzlich aktiviert werden).
  • Deaktivieren: Das Alarmsystem wird deaktiviert (Die Alarmgruppe bleibt aktiviert)
  • Kontrollgang beenden: Die Funktion "Kontrollgang" wird beendet, das Alarmsystem wird wieder scharf geschaltet.
  • Kontrollgang starten: Die Funktion "Kontrollgang" wird für die eingestellte Dauer aktiviert.
  • Alarmgruppe aktivieren: Die ausgewählte Gruppe wird scharf geschaltet.
  • Alarmgruppe deaktivieren: Die ausgewählte Gruppe wird unscharf geschaltet.

Alarm Group

An "Alarm Group" represents a section of your alarm system which you want to secure. You can create an unlimited number of groups and use them to arrange your house into various segments. This makes it possible to create different settings for each group and only activate the ones you need.

You can, for example, create a new alarm group for each floor and by using a scene, only secure the ones which are not occupied at the moment.


The OperatorPanel shows you the current state of the group. If the lock is closed, the group is currently active and will be taken into account when you activate the alarm system.

To change the state of the group, you can click on the small lock in the ObjectPanel of the group or use the button in the OperatorPanel.

Be aware that once the alarm system is activated, you can not change the state of each alarm group. If you want to activate or deactivate a group, you will have to deactivate the alarm system first.


Activation delay
If the alarm system and this group have been activated, then the alarm in this group can only be triggered after this time has expired. (Important if you wish to leave the house without triggering an alarm yourself).

Trigger delay
The silent alarm is triggered after this time has expired.

Trigger if
Select all the triggers that you wish to be able to set off this alarm.

Select one or more cameras which will capture up to 6 images if the alarm goes off. You can change the interval for the captured images by using the provided slider. For example: If you set the interval to 2 seconds, each camera will try to capture an image every 2 seconds until 6 images are recorded. You can view the captured images in the "pictures" section below this setting.

Test alarm
The button “test alarm” lets you trigger an alarm in this group. The group and the central alarm system are activated, the panel is closed and an alarm is triggered. Use this to test your alarm system.