Weekly Program

The app “weekly program” lets you define up to 3 time periods per day in which you can execute actions. In order to be able to carry out an action, a scene must react to the activation and de-activation of the weekly program.

Using With A Scene

In order to be able to use this weekly program, you must give it a name. Once done, you can select the triggers “activated” and “de-activated” in the scene’s “IF” statement. For example, if a time from 9 am to 10 am has been defined for each Monday, then “activated” is invoked at 9 am and “de-activated” is invoked at 10 am. Furthermore you can use the weekly program in the scene for “THEN” by selecting “switch on once” (“switch on once” is explained in the chapter “configuration”).

Creating And Editing Entries

To create an entry in the weekly program, click on “+” for the desired day. This opens a window where you can configure the entry. You have the following possibilities:

The weekday for which this entry is to be created.

No end time
If you only want to define a start point then activate this option. If a point has no end time, then the weekly program is activated after the time for the “runtime for additional trigger” has expired (located in the parameter panel).

This is the start point for your entry

This is the end point for your entry

To edit an entry, click on the previously created entry (in the operator panel) and then proceed the same as for creating the entry.


Runtime for additional trigger
If the weekly program is activated once via the additional trigger, then the weekly program remains active for the defined time. If you have an entry without end point, then the weekly program also remains active for this time after the defined time has expired.

Additional trigger
You can add as many additional triggers as you wish that trigger the weekly program once.