Duration of silent alarm
Enter the time for silent alarm here.

Automatically deactivate alarm after
Automatically deactivates the alarm after expiration of this time. This is important if you are holiday and something triggers the alarm. If this option was not available, the alarm would never switch off and your neighbours would not be too pleased with you.

Duration of patrol
This is the time the alarm should be deactivated for while you make a patrol.

Button to activate the alarm system
Select a button to activate the alarm system.

Button to deactivate the alarm system
Use the button “add” to select a button to deactivate the alarm system. Warning! This button can deactivate the alarm system without a password. Consider the use of such a button carefully.

Button to start patrol
Select a button to let you start a patrol.

Button to end patrol
Select a button to tell the system you have completed your patrol.

Status light
Select a light that will flash twice when the alarm system has been activated and once when deactivated.

Actions when alarm triggers
Use the button “add” to select all the actions you wish to happen when an alarm is triggered (e.g. switch lights on, activate siren, etc.).

Actions when alarm stops
Select what should happen when the alarm is deactivated. Caution! Do not forget to deactivate the actions started when the alarm was triggered.

Change password
Change the password to deactivate your alarm system.