If you only want a scene to be invoked under certain conditions (for example only if it is raining), then you can do this using conditions.

To do this, click at the bottom of the overview on “conditions”. Select here the “only invoke if” and then you can select the corresponding value (e.g. under system – house status the value “rain active”.

After adding this value, you can select others. These are combined using AND or OR logic. If several values are combined via an AND, then all must be active (e.g. “rain active” AND “wind active”) for the scene to be invoked. IF several values are combined via an OR, then at least one of these values must be active (e.g. “rain active” OR “wind active” OR “both active”).

You can edit a condition by clicking on the pencil symbol and delete it by clicking on the trash can symbol.

If a scene is locked due to condition, you can see a padlock in the left-hand area of the object panel, which is also displayed in the operator panel.