Heating Curve

The heating curve allows you to adjust the desired temperature of the feed line as a function of the outside temperature.

There are pre-defined curves you can select from using “select curve type”. If there is no pre-defined curve that entirely suits your needs, then you can edit the pre-defined curves by clicking on “edit”. The selection then jumps to “user-defined”. If you wish to save your curve, click on “save”. Saved curves can be deleted using “delete”. When selecting points, you are limited on the one hand by the minimum and maximum feed line temperature, and on the other by the previous and subsequent point. For example, the point at 10 °C outside temperature cannot have a lower feed line temperature than the point at 15°C and a higher temperature than the point at 5°C.

If the outside temperature reaches a value outside of the curve, then the curve is continued horizontally. This means if the curve were to end on the left-hand side at an outside temperature of +20°C with a corresponding feed line temperature of +22°C, then the feed line temperature for outside temperatures higher than +20°C will remain +22°C.

To be able to process outside temperatures higher than +20°C, the cooling operation must be activated under “all apps” – “settings” – “room climate”. Warning! Cooling operation may only be activated if the heating is really able to cool, since in cooling mode, the mixer outputs are switched exactly the opposite way.