The consumer unit houses the mains connectors, LSA Plus strips, evon Smart Home modules, their supply, further relays and, if necessary, the circuit breakers for the 230V circuits.

The 24 V power supply and the pushbutton and sensor inputs – i.e. the CAT5 or communication cable – are connected to an LSA Plus strip and wired from there to the evon Smart Home modules.

The 230 V cables are wired via terminal strips or directly to the evon Smart Home modules or load relay.

More information on how each module is connected individually can be found in the module description or a wiring diagram is printed on the side of each module. The individual wires can be easily allocated using the connection list and the cable labels.

If you are unsure, please contact your evon Smart Home partner or an electrician.

Electrical connection work may only be carried out with the power disconnected and only then by suitably qualified expert staff.