The settings of the TCP Client allow you to configure new commands and events, which can be linked in scenes.

IP configuration
The IP address and port of the device for which you want your TCP Client to establish a connection to should be entered here. This settings should be the first configuration you make after creating a new TCP Client. The Operator Panel will then tell you if your connection is working.

If you want to create a new command, you can do this here by using the 'new command' button. Choose a name and the data which should be send. You can decide between simple text or hex values. Additionally, you can also decide whether you expect a specific answer and choose between text or hex values.

Test command
If you just want to test a command, you can do this here. The result will then be displayed beneath the 'test command' button.

There are some devices, which may frequently send data, without the need for a explicit request (e.g. via a command). For such use cases, every TCP Client has 3 events. For each event, you can set what data you are expecting and their type (text or hex). If an expected event occurs this event will be triggered and can be linked to when creating a Scene.