Shading Control

shading control let automatically control your blinds based on the sun. Now you have always enough brightness, without dazzling yourself. You can decide on yourself, how much light you want.

In summer, your blinds can close automatically at high outside temperatures while you can use the energy of the sun in winter. Of course you have the possibility to control your blinds via app or switch as usual.

You can find shading control under „settings“ - „shadingcontrol“.


To use the shading control, you have to add facades. A facade is an own control unit with controls its assigned blinds by cardinal directions.

You can add as many facades as you want under „settings“ - „shading control“. Preferably you add as many facades as outside walls you have. Usually there are 4 facades, which are configured with north, east, south, west or if the building is arranged diagonally the sun with northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest.

In the parameter panel of the facade, the direction can be set. Choose the best fitting of the 8 available directions. Assign your facade a name to order it easier later.

In addition to the direction you can choose a type. You can always add only blinds of the same type.


To control your blinds automatically you have to assign them to a facade. you can do that in the parameter panel of an existing facade under „elements“.

ATTENTION! Blinds should not be assigned to several facades. Take care of blind groups too.

If you also want to use the shading control to use heat of the sun, you can add the inside temperature under „thermostats“. You can also leave this area empty, if you do not want to enable heat using.

On the bottom of the parameter panel you can see a table with control positions. This table is the base of the shading control. You can set blind positions to a specific sun height and also the angle at jalousies.

With the „submit“ button you can accept the set values to the facade. You can also set the values to all facades or reset it to default values.

On the bottom of the parameter panel you can set additional parameter. The minimal brightness must be above to control the blinds by the table. Among this value the blinds keeps open.

If the heat protection is active, all blinds will close completely, if the outside temperature is above the setting.

On using a thermostat and heat using is active, all blinds will open completely, if the outside temperature and inside temperature is among the setting.


The shading control helps you to reduce manual interactions with blinds. After the configuration of the shading control no more manual control is needed anymore. Anyhow you have always the possibility to deactivate or activate the control or to monitor it.

The static panel of the shading control provides summary information of the control. Values like sun height and lighted facades are listed.

Beside this, you can disable or enable the whole control with one click. The function „reactivate automatically“ activates facades at a specific time, if they were deactivate by manual interaction for example. If you want to exclude a facade from this function, you can do this with „lock facade“ in the parameter panel of a facade.

The Object Panel shows the configured direction. The icon is colored orange, if the facade is lighted by the sun. On the right side the current blind state is shown. If the facade is disabled, the whole panel is greyed out.

The operator panel of a facade provides its main information. Sun height, light state and outside brightness from your weather station are some of listet values.

Assigned blinds are listet too.

On the bottom side of the operator panel the control table is listet. The line with the current sun height is marked. If the facade is active, lighted and the min brightness is reached, the marker gets orange and the position of this line will be controlled . If heat using or heat protection is active, they have priority.


Shading control provides following functions for evon Smart Home scenes (then..):

  • Activate all: All facades will be activated, except locked ones.
  • Activate facade: Facade will be activated, except it is locked.
  • Deactivate facade: Facade will be deactiavted.


Das Beschattungsregelung bietet folgende Möglichkeiten für evon Smart Home Logiken:

  • Aktiv: Hiermit kann der Status der Beschattungsregelung ausgelesen und gesetzt werden