This setting determines whether this light is controlled by a switch or a presence detector. If you select “presence detector”, the settings to adjust the time the light is switched on are displayed.

Activate daylight lock
This option lets you prevent the light from switching on during the day (if there is sufficient light). This can be used for a hallway where the light is controlled by a presence detector. You can adjust the source for daylight detection in the global settings.

If you activate “lock”, then the light cannot be switched on or off by the switch, nor by the presence detector.

Activate energy saving mode
This option lets you configure the light to switch itself off after a certain time. If you have activated this option, then the software shows you the settings for the time the light is to remain switched on. You can change this time to anything you want.

Remove from universal scene
An example of a universal scene is “all lights off”, where all lights are switched off. However, if you want a particular light to be excepted from this, then activate this option (useful for lighting an aquarium).

If you have a module with spare connections, i.e. where no light is connected, the app still shows that the light is on or off, because the output is active (although no light is actually connected). The “reserve” field lets you hide lights that are not used/connected. You can reactivate this light via the corresponding module in the app “hardware”.