Bathroom Heating

“Bathroom heating” lets you configure suitable heating systems and control their times.

These functions are located under “all apps” – “bathroom heating”.


To add a new bathroom heater, click on the element “add”. First allocate a name to your bathroom heater in the parameter panel, then you can continue with the configuration (described below).


Der Badheizkörper bietet folgende Auslöser für evon Smart Home Szenen (Wenn...):

  • Wurde Ausgeschaltet: Der Badheizkörper wurde ausgeschaltet
  • Wurde Eingeschaltet: Der Badheizkörper wurde eingeschaltet

Der Badheizkörper bietet folgende Funktionen für evon Smart Home Szenen (Dann...):

  • Einmalig einschalten: Der Badheizköper wird für die Zeit des zusätzlichen Auslösers eingeschaltet


You can determine what time each of your bathroom heaters should be on. You do this by defining the operating times in the operator panel. You can define one or more time intervals where your heater should heat for each weekday.

Apart from the operating times, you can also define a button to activate each bathroom heater, where it is connected and whether it should be switched into maintenance mode.

Additional trigger
Select the trigger and the duration for which the bathroom heater should additionally be activated for a short period of time.

Select socket
This lets you define which socket your bathroom heater is connected to.

Maintenance mode
This lets you permanently switch the maintenance mode for the bathroom heater on or off.