Visualization of your evon Smart Home system enables you to control all functions in your home and adjust all necessary settings. There are a few simple concepts that we would like to describe here.

Current User

Once you have logged in, your username is displayed at the top left of the screen. Clicking on your username opens a menu where you can logout.

All Apps

A single click on the symbol (top right) opens all apps. This shows you all available apps. If you don’t want “all apps” open all the time, you can put frequently used apps into your favourites, as follows.


Favourites lets you store apps that you use on a frequent basis.

If you want to add something to your favourites, mark the app (press the app with your finger/your cursor until a blue bar appears below) and select “add to start”.

If you want to remove something from your favourites, mark the app and select “remove from start”.

Marked apps can also be moved and sorted.


After the favourites are your areas. First up are your floors (ground floor and first floor in the diagram) and below that your areas and rooms. However, only those areas that contain something are displayed. For example, if a light is added to the room “bedroom”, the bedroom will be displayed.