The initial password for the Alarm System is set to "1234".

It is highly recommended to change it on initial setup. You can find the related options in the SettingsPanel (See section configuration).

If the alarm system or one or more alarm groups have been activated, the defined activation delay for each alarm group must first expire before the alarm can be triggered. Once the activation delay has expired, if a movement detector is triggered then a trigger delay is activated. During this time, the alarm system can be de-activated without an alarm being triggered. Once the trigger delay has expired, the silent alarm is triggered and a notification is sent. Once the silent alarm time has expired, the actual alarm is triggered and a further notification is sent and the outputs linked to the alarm system are switched.

Activation time is necessary for the following situation: you want to leave the house and activate the alarm before you go. To make sure that you do not inadvertently trigger the alarm yourself, you need the activation delay.

If you want to activate the alarm system, you can either do this via the app by opening the alarm system (“all apps” –“alarm system”) and select the button “activate” in the operator panel for the alarm system, or you define a button to activate the alarm and you use this button (how you do this is described in the chapter configuration). Deactivating the alarm is done the same way via the app, only that you have to enter a password. Deactivation via a button works identically to activation.

You can also find a history of past events in the OperatorPanel of the alarm system which gives you detailed records about the dates and times when it got triggered, activated or deactivated.

Warning, since the alarm system can be deactivated without a password using a button, you need to select a button that is not immediately visible!