The shading control helps you to reduce manual interactions with blinds. After the configuration of the shading control no more manual control is needed anymore. Anyhow you have always the possibility to deactivate or activate the control or to monitor it.

The static panel of the shading control provides summary information of the control. Values like sun height and lighted facades are listed.

Beside this, you can disable or enable the whole control with one click. The function „reactivate automatically“ activates facades at a specific time, if they were deactivate by manual interaction for example. If you want to exclude a facade from this function, you can do this with „lock facade“ in the parameter panel of a facade.

The Object Panel shows the configured direction. The icon is colored orange, if the facade is lighted by the sun. On the right side the current blind state is shown. If the facade is disabled, the whole panel is greyed out.

The operator panel of a facade provides its main information. Sun height, light state and outside brightness from your weather station are some of listet values.

Assigned blinds are listet too.

On the bottom side of the operator panel the control table is listet. The line with the current sun height is marked. If the facade is active, lighted and the min brightness is reached, the marker gets orange and the position of this line will be controlled . If heat using or heat protection is active, they have priority.