Choose a connected intercom. "Camera" and "Bellpush" will automatically be assigned.

This field lets you select a camera for this door. The camera image is then always displayed on the operator panel.

Use the button “add” to add one or more buttons you wish to use to ring the doorbell.

Select the digital output that is connected with the doorbell.

Door opener
Select the digital output connected to the door opener using the button “add”.

Signal light
If you in a room where it is not possible to hear the doorbell, you can select a light in this room that will flash when someone rings the doorbell

Number of flashes
Define the number of times the signal light is to flash when someone rings the doorbell.

Signal light on time
Defines how long the signal flash is to be.

Door open time
Defines how long the door remains open, if you open it via the app.

Doorbell time
Defines how long the digital output for the doorbell is to remain active.

If you want a melody to play on your smartphone, or tablet etc. when someone rings the doorbell, then you can choose here between two melodies.

You can simulate the doorbell button press using the button “ring” to test whether you have satisfactorily configured all options according to your requirements. This has the same effect as if someone had really pressed the doorbell.

If you want to be able to use the built in microphone and speaker of your intercom to talk to visitors, we recommended to download and use the following apps:

iOS -

Android -