Light Transformer

There are 4 lights and 1 light transformer available. The light transformer is connected to a digital input. As soon as at least one light is switched on, the light transformer must be switched on. If no lights are switched on, the light transformer must also be switched off.

The first thing to do is open the app “logic” and create a logic program via “add program”.
Give this logic program a name “light-trans”.
Next, open the logic program using the button “edit”. Use the button “add function” to add an OR. This OR is red meaning that it is not currently functioning, because it has no inputs.

Now open the OR and add two inputs using the button “add pin”. These four inputs must now be linked with the four lights via the button “select” by selecting “light switched on” for each light. The OR is now green, because all inputs are linked. Finally, you need to connect the digital output of the transformer with the OR. Do this by clicking on “select” under “output”, open the digital output there and select “set value” for the desired digital output.

The logic should now work as desired.