Window Contact


To create a window contact, open the window app under “all apps” and select “create window contact”. This opens the operator panel and the newly created window contact. It is important to first give the contact a name and optionally the location of the window.


Select the digital input the window contact is connected to in the item “digital input”.

The object panel for this window contact will display whether this window is open or closed. If “open” and “closed” are reversed, i.e. the object panel shows a window to be open although it is actually closed, then activate the option “invert” in the operator panel.

You can de-activate notifications for wind and rain in the tem “notifications”.

Using With A Scene

A scene lets you react to the opening and closing of a window by selecting the triggers “has been opened” or “has been closed” in the “IF…” statement and then selecting what should happen in the “THEN ..” statement.