To correctly configure the camera, enter the IP address of the camera into your browser.

If you followed the steps to integrate your evonCAM and the camera was found and added to your system, no further configuration is required.

In case you chose the manual configuration (e.g. because the camera was not automatically found in your network), you can change or adapt the required settings at any time in the ParameterPanel of the camera.

This can also be necessary, when you make changes to the standard username/password or the IP address.

If you change the settings (username/password) of the camera (via its webinterface) the app or browser may ask you to enter the new credentials.

After you did this, it is important to go to the ParameterPanel of the camera and update those settings there, otherwise you will regularly be asked to enter the new credentials.

You can also change the IP of your camera to a specific static address. Changing settings here will write the new network configuration to the camera which will then restart with the new settings applied.

If you change the IP address, other required network settings (gateway and subnetmask) will automatically be taken from the current evon Smart Home controller network configuration. If you want more control over this settings there is also an extended form available under the additional parameter button.