Hier werden Dir einige Beispiele beschrieben wie Du einen Temperatursensor verwenden kannst.

Outside temperature
If you want a temperature sensor in your system to determine the outside temperature, you need to add it using the button “add” in the global settings under the item “outside temperature” and drag it to the first position. (More information in this in the documentation for global settings).

External current value for room climate zone
If you want to use this temperature sensor as an actual value for a room climate zone, then you must set the mode to “external actual value” in the desired room climate zone under “settings” and then connect the temperature sensor with it (more detail in the chapter “room climate”).

In order to link a temperature sensor with a scene, you must first allocate a name to it. Then you can set an upper and a lower temperature limit in the parameter panel that you can use in the scene for the “if …” statement. You can create a scene for the temperature falling below the lower limit or rising above the upper limit.

If you are an expert with the app “logic”, you can also use this temperature sensor here by connecting the input of a logic element with the current temperature reading.