Ventilation Control

You measure humidity in a room and want to switch on the ventilation as soon as the humidity has reached a certain value.

To do this, the humidity sensor must be connected to an analog input of an analog module and configured accordingly (to do this, see chapter “Analog Input”). The ventilation must be connected to the output of a digital module.

Next, create a logic program in the app “logic” using “add program”. Give the program a meaningful name (e.g. fan control) and if wish, allocate a room. Then open the parameter panel and select “edit” under “edit logic”. Insert a compare function via “add function”.

Now open the operator panel of the compare function. Under the item “settings”, first select for “type” the value “greater than” (since the fan is to be switched on when the humidity is GREATER than a certain value). You can configure the hysteresis for the compare function as you feel is necessary. In this example, select 5 for the hysteresis. The sample time can be left at 0. Now the compare function is correctly configured.

The inputs and output now need to be connected. Select the analog input you connected the humidity sensor to under “inputs” for “E1”. For “E2” enter the value above which the fan is to be switched on. In this example select 80. Now select the digital output you connected the fan to using the button “select” under “output”.

The ventilation control is now complete. If you want, you can change the hysteresis and the sample time as you require.