Once a light has been given a name, you can configure it to suit your needs.


This setting determines whether this light is controlled by a switch or a presence detector. If you select “presence detector”, the settings to adjust the time the light is switched on are displayed.

Activate daylight lock
This option lets you prevent the light from switching on during the day (if there is sufficient light). This can be used for a hallway where the light is controlled by a presence detector. You can adjust the source for daylight detection in the global settings.

If you activate “lock”, then the light cannot be switched on or off by the switch, nor by the presence detector.

Activate energy saving mode
This option lets you configure the light to switch itself off after a certain time. If you have activated this option, then the software shows you the settings for the time the light is to remain switched on. You can change this time to anything you want.

Remove from universal scene
An example of a universal scene is “all lights off”, where all lights are switched off. However, if you want a particular light to be excepted from this, then activate this option (useful for lighting an aquarium).

If you have a module with spare connections, i.e. where no light is connected, the app still shows that the light is on or off, because the output is active (although no light is actually connected). The “reserve” field lets you hide lights that are not used/connected. You can reactivate this light via the corresponding module in the app “hardware”.


Minimum and maximum brightness
Minimum and maximum brightness: many lights only have a noticeable change in brightness within a certain range. Hence you can set a minimum and maximum brightness level so that dimming will happen in between those limits. The visualization will still display 0% to 100%.

Fade in time
This is the time that the light is to take to reach the desired brightness from being switched off.

Dim speed
This is how fast the brightness is reached when the button is pressed continuously.


Diese Einstellungen gelten nur für Dali Leuchten, welche eine Warmweiß/Kaltweiß Steuerung ermöglichen.

Farbtemperatur einstellbar
Zeigt den Slider zum Einstellen der Farbtemperatur in der Bedienung an.

Entspricht dem Mindestwert in Mirek welcher auf der Leuchte gesetzt werden kann. Dieser Wert kann aus dem Datenblatt der Leuchte entnommen werden und kann einen Wert zwischen 1 und 65534 haben.

Entspricht dem Maximalwert in Mirek welcher auf der Leuchte gesetzt werden kann. Dieser Wert kann aus dem Datenblatt der Leuchte entnommen werden und kann einen Wert zwischen 1 und 65534 haben.


Minimum brightness
Legt die kleinste Helligkeitsstufe fest
Set the minimum brightness level

Maximum brightness
Set the maximum brightness level

Fading time
This will set the time it takes for the light to dimm between "on" and "off" state rather than switching instantly.

Dimm speed
Sets the time it takes for the light to dimm to the desired brightness.

Color changing speed
This setting will affect how fast the light switches through all available colors when using the linked switch with a longpress.

Only white
When this setting is active, the color wheel will be hidden and only the brightness slider is available in the OperatorPanel.

Enable saving energy
Enables the energy saving mode, in which the light will switch itself off after a given time. You can adjust the desired time with the given interface elements, which appear once this setting is active.

Exclude from universal scene
Activating this option will exclude it from Universal scenes which will not impact this light anymore until this option is turned off.

Switch off automatically after
This option only appears after the "enable saving energy" setting it active. It allows you to adjust the time it takes for the light to switch itself off.

While the standard mode of the RGBW Module is "1xRGBW" it is also possible to switch to "4xWhite". This will allow you to connect 4 separate lights to one RGBW module and use them like normal dimmable lights. To change this setting, go to "All apps" - "Hardware" and navigate to the correct module ("Light1644"). Click on the Name and change the setting in the appearing OperatorPanel.