If you have connected a motion detector to a light module, then it is automatically assigned the same name as the light. If you wish to assign a different name, then deactivate the option “same name as light” in the parameter panel and enter the name you wish. If the motion detector is connected to a digital module, then you must assign it a name yourself.

If the motion detector is connected to a digital module, you have the possibility to invert the logic by activating the option “invert” in the operator panel.

Should you have a motion detector in the system that you do not use, you can hide in from the app “motion detector” by activating the option “reserve (hide in display)” in the parameter panel. To unhide it, you will find your movement detector in the app “hardware”.

If you wish to change the mode, i.e. convert the motion detector input to a switch or a digital input, you can do this by changing the mode for the motion detector in the parameter panel. Not all modes can be changed in all modules, or not all possibilities are available. This means that a motion detector for a light module can only be changed into a button. All three modes are available for motion detectors for a digital module.