This section contains information on using connected DENON devices.

Denon lets you play music throughout your house, whether from a USB stick, music server, Internet radio, iPod, AUX or online music.

The Denon app is located under “all apps” -“Denon”.

Currently, only the DENON DRA-N4 amplifier is supported by evon Smart Home.


You can change the volume via the “+” and “-“ buttons, or use the slider.

Use this to determine where your music is to come from and see the Denon display below it. Navigate around your Denon using the 4 arrows and the enter button.

Add the current programme to your favourites list using the button “add to favourites” so that you can find it again quickly. All your favourites are displayed in a list below this.

Switch your Denon on an off.

Shows which music source is currently active, Internet music, iPod etc. and shows the current IP address.

In the parameter panel, you can also define whether this Denon is to be switched with the universal scenes or not “remove from universal scene”) and how loud the Denon can be allowed to be.


Die Denon App bietet folgende Auslöser für evon Smart Home Szenen (Wenn...):

  • Play: Die Wiedergabe wurde mit Play gestartet
  • Pause: Das Wiedergabe wurde mit Pause gestoppt

Die Denon App bietet folgende Funktionen für evon Smart Home Szenen (Dann...):

  • Ausschalten: Das Gerät wird ausgeschaltet
  • Einschalten: Das Gerät wird eingeschaltet
  • Play: Die aktuelle Wiedergabe wird gestartet