Special Functions

Special functions such as doorbell, door opener, window contacts, garden irrigation, scene buttons etc. require our digital modules. To determine how many modules you need, consider first the number and type of special functions you require. The evon Smart Home digital module D1180 has 8 digital inputs at 24V DC and is normally used in conjunction with the evon Smart Home digital module D1208, which has 8 digital outputs. The evon Smart Home digital module D1344 combines 4 inputs and 4 outputs in one module.

The inputs are designed for 24 V DS for all modules. Make sure you never connect higher voltages or alternating current sources to the module; otherwise it will be irreparably damaged.

The outputs can be used, depending on the wiring, to switch either 24 VDC or 230 V AC, however note when using 230 V consumers, the load is ohmic and may not exceed 5 A! Ohmic loads are, for example, normal light bulbs, whereby LED lamps represent capacitive loads and must be switched using an external relay. If in doubt, please ask your electrician or evon Smart Home partner!

Using our bedroom example, we plan to add an alarm system and we need a digital input and a switch to activate and deactivate the alarm, and a closing contact for the window and balcony door.

We plan an evon Smart Home digital module D1180 with 8 digital inputs, whereby 4 inputs are for the bedroom (the 4 reserve inputs can be used for a further room). Two inputs are for the closing contacts and two others for the switch.

In our example, we demonstrate the planning of special functions via digital modules.